Growth is the holy grail of business. Once you have a winning concept, how many others can you create? Where else can you go? Who else can you target? All important to growth, but before you leap...plan.


I don't mean months and years of planning and expense. I mean the - common sense, take a breath, what is it we need in place - type of planning. I'm used to a business that can open multiple new locations a week or launch numerous products at a time. That takes process and it takes having all the pieces ready to go. New people means training, new targets, new reports. I hate to say it, but it also means...documentation (did someone drop a bunch of pans somewhere?).

Services Include:

  • Documenting current processes so they're easy to understand
  • Compiling on-boarding, induction and training resources
  • Revising and simplifying existing processes to make it easier to scale