Here are some typical questions that someone like me, who knows, lives and loves Sales Operations would answer or take care of for you:

How are we going to report vs our sales targets?
Where are we putting all of this sales data?
If a customer asks us for more information what will send them?
How can we make our proposals easy to understand?
How will we compensate our sales teams?
Where in the sales pipeline are we losing opportunities and how do we fix it?

Some of you may not be as familiar with the idea of Sales Operations or "Sales Ops" as we like to call it. It does at first glance seem to be a bit of a contradiction, can Sales and Operations really coexist in the same description? One more impulsive perhaps less structured than the other? 

Well, it can and its a must because it is easy to think that running a business starts with just selling. To some degree it can and should, but normally somebody somewhere in your business will need to think "Sales Ops" in some way shape or form before you get to the selling bit because the way you sell needs a base, some structure, a flow. 

Sales Operations isn't just for large businesses, quite the contrary. If you can get Sales Operations right at the beginning of your business life then your business becomes much easier to scale and grow.  It is a bit of a dark art, consider Sales Operations, the bit in the background, the "back of house", the way in which you or your team will sell, the experience your customers will have in that sales process. If I'm honest, it is sometimes the stuff you don't want to think about but kind of has to get done.

So thats how I intend to help. To give you and your business a resource to use and to take on some of those sales operations tasks for you so you don't have to get bogged down in them, get them thought through, delivered and helping your business succeed. 



The right person to lead Sales Operations is someone who respect both the analysis/design and the process/detail mindset, who can envision the business and technology future, and who can work with leaders across the organization, as well as with external partners, to enable ongoing sales force success.
— Harvard Business Review