"I have a deep seated passion for designing processes and experiences that are successful and simple. I believe in learning your business quickly and doing what's right for you. No predetermined, complex models or hypothesis, just a common sense approach to your specific business challenges."

Simon is one of the most thoughtful, intelligent, and organized people I’ve ever worked with.
— Previous Employee
He can take a project, picture what the end result should look like and build a roadmap for how he will get there better than people I have known with twice his experience.
— Consultant
Simon has a unique talent of seeing an issue or opportunity and being able to offer a well thought out solution quickly.
— - Call Center Director

Welcome to my web site! Moore about me...

I've spent the last 15 years in the real estate industry working with the world's largest provider of executive suites. I worked in almost every function of a very fast-paced global business and it was a real rollercoaster.

During that time, I worked in a truly global organization with over 3,000 properties worldwide. The business had an incredible passion for growth and as such we learned very quickly that scaling a business requires simplicity.

Throughout my career, I was the guy behind some of the largest changes undertaken in the company. Creating that change across 100 countries and for thousands of people, is where I've made my mark. I've made the mistakes that you may be on the path to making and I've seen the impact of really great execution. I'm known as a smart guy that will get things done...but that doesn't fit well on a business card, so I built a company around it.

I'm a great story teller. Not in the sense of making stuff up, but in being able to extract the most important things you need someone to hear and ensuring that's articulated in a clear and succinct way, most importantly devoid of noise and unnecessary detail.

I work well with demanding C-level executives right the way through the organization to the employees interfacing with the customer every single day. I believe that at the end of the day, it's most important to do what's right for the customer. So listening to them alongside the needs of the business is vital. I am also well respected in being able to communicate and distilling messages down to any level of the organization.

Here are some of my highlights:

  • Being the architect of the standard sales process for a FTSE 250 company
  • Implementing a global platform of sales tools across over 100 countries
  • Launching multiple new product offerings 
  • Re-launching a global brand 
  • Launching a new co-working brand and product offering across the USA
  • Opening 100's of new locations worldwide
  • Planning and hosting global conferences
  • Building sales reports for daily use across a sales team of 1000's
  • Redesigning existing CRM tools to improve efficiency and usability
  • Implementing new CRM and call center solutions
  • Training sales teams across the world
  • Reworking call center processes based on customer experience
  • Testing process adoption with tactics like mystery shopping
  • Being the voice of the team, listening to what works and what doesn't to create change
On occasion one meets a person for which no challenge is too big; no problem insurmountable; and who executes change with a polite assertiveness and unstoppable energy.
— C-Level Director
He sees what is most important and can filter out the noise. He has a fantastic ability to deliver his vision in whatever he is working on in a very clear and meaningful way.
Simon is a great innovative thinker and executor. He can take a embryonic idea and turn into practical realty; delivering it into the business at speed.