Services Available:

Sales Process & Tools


How your team sells will impact their efficiency, productivity and impact how quickly you can scale your business. 

Customer Journey


What your customers go through to make an enquiry or buy your product or service needs constant review and adjustment so you are always putting your best foot forward.

A Trusted Pair Of

"Fresh Eyes"

There is such a thing as being too close to your business or a business problem. Sometimes you just need someone else to take a non bias view of things.

Business growth Support

Going from one to two or even 10 isn't that easy. Something that worked for one location or office or product may not work for more than that. Scaling your business often means looking at your business processes to ensure they are robust enough for scaling. It's not hard, but if you do it upfront you avoid a bunch of hassle later.

Change & Project Management

You may already have a plan but you need someone to execute it. Change management is a tricky old process. Helping businesses change quickly and efficiently takes a special touch and very clear communication. The plan has to be clear, the progress has to be clear, as do the expectations and results.

Process doesn't have to be dull and time consuming.


A successful process will move the customer through the experience as efficiently and enjoyably as possible. Your team will need tools, they'll need steps to follow and your business will need data to monitor progress. Whether its system research & implementation, tool design, or process evaluation, I can help your team become more effective whilst still delivering a "WOW" experience for your customers.

Services Include:

  • Existing process evaluation
  • New process design
  • Sales aids and process documentation
  • Sales training
  • Sales system evaluation and deployment
  • Sales tool technology design and rollout
  • Streamlining and design for reporting
  • Compensation plan evaluation and design
  • Call center scripting and process implementation



Looking at the customer journey can be one of the most valuable exercises you can undertake - regardless of the size of your business.


Are you asking too much of your customers? Is it easy for them to find what they need? Is it taking too many clicks or visits? A customer journey is normally built over time, often the outcome of a bunch of different initiatives and implementations. Sometimes it just doesn't jive together. Sometimes it just doesn't work as efficiently as it should. Every business should be aspiring to "WOW" their customers, so alongside simplicity can come some finer details that will really make you stand out.

Services Include:

  • End to end online and offline customer journey review and design
  • Running mystery shopping projects & competitor landscape evaluation
  • Customer touchpoint design and implementation
  • Sales environment design



Popular workplace cliches: "Take a stand back", "Let's take a fresh look at it."    They're not necessarily wrong, but sometimes you need a new, unbiased, person to take a look at things from a different perspective.


The term "fresh eyes" is probably one of the most frequent terms I heard in my 15 years in commercial real estate. I was constantly being asked to take a department, process, experience, or document and pull it apart and suggest how to put it back together. It was one of the most fulfilling parts of my job. It doesn't have to be painful and the results can be tremendous.

This can apply to a small business where you are doing everything yourself, as much as it can apply to a large business with teams of experienced people who can sometimes become oblivious to root causes of their issues. I can work successfully with existing teams to help uncover issues they may not have seen or have the time to find.

Services Include:

  • Initial fact finding and issue identification
  • Issue or process evaluation with recommendations
  • Recommendation implementation

Growth is the holy grail of business. Once you have a winning concept, how many others can you create? Where else can you go? Who else can you target? All important to growth, but before you leap...plan.


I don't mean months and years of planning and expense. I mean the - common sense, take a breath, what is it we need in place - type of planning. I'm used to a business that can open multiple new locations a week or launch numerous products at a time. That takes process and it takes having all the pieces ready to go. New people means training, new targets, new reports. I hate to say it, but it also means...documentation (did someone drop a bunch of pans somewhere?).

Services Include:

  • Documenting current processes so they're easy to understand
  • Compiling on-boarding, induction and training resources
  • Revising and simplifying existing processes to make it easier to scale

Having great ideas or a concept about doing something radical is often the easiest step. Making it happen, keeping it on budget /on-time and taking everyone else along for the ride is the hard bit. Execution is key and if you have something THAT important, you may just need my help.


Whether it's true change management or making a project happen, to me the principles are very similar. You need a plan and a message, then you need to get buy-in, communicate it, promote it, and keep it visible to make it happen. Yes...that can mean gaant charts and status calls but it's all necessary if you want to achieve the right end result. It doesn't have to be complex either, often the more simplistic things are made the more effective they are. You don't want any "noise" to distract and cloud the understanding and the execution.

Services Include:

  • Plan and proposition creation
  • Communication packaging and delivery
  • Project "front of house" and "back of house" leadership
  • Project implementation, tracking and reporting