Having great ideas or a concept about doing something radical is often the easiest step. Making it happen, keeping it on budget /on-time and taking everyone else along for the ride is the hard bit. Execution is key and if you have something THAT important, you may just need my help.


Whether it's true change management or making a project happen, to me the principles are very similar. You need a plan and a message, then you need to get buy-in, communicate it, promote it, and keep it visible to make it happen. Yes...that can mean gaant charts and status calls but it's all necessary if you want to achieve the right end result. It doesn't have to be complex either, often the more simplistic things are made the more effective they are. You don't want any "noise" to distract and cloud the understanding and the execution.

Services Include:

  • Plan and proposition creation
  • Communication packaging and delivery
  • Project "front of house" and "back of house" leadership
  • Project implementation, tracking and reporting