Popular workplace cliches: "Take a stand back", "Let's take a fresh look at it."    They're not necessarily wrong, but sometimes you need a new, unbiased, person to take a look at things from a different perspective.


The term "fresh eyes" is probably one of the most frequent terms I heard in my 15 years in commercial real estate. I was constantly being asked to take a department, process, experience, or document and pull it apart and suggest how to put it back together. It was one of the most fulfilling parts of my job. It doesn't have to be painful and the results can be tremendous.

This can apply to a small business where you are doing everything yourself, as much as it can apply to a large business with teams of experienced people who can sometimes become oblivious to root causes of their issues. I can work successfully with existing teams to help uncover issues they may not have seen or have the time to find.

Services Include:

  • Initial fact finding and issue identification
  • Issue or process evaluation with recommendations
  • Recommendation implementation